Photos of Lucky

Lucky was harassing a client and patient in the exam room today, sitting in the chair, growling at them.  Sunlight was streaming through the doorway, and after the client and patient left, I snapped a few photos.  These were all straight out of the camera- I didn't do anything fancy with editing or photoshop.   I love how dramatic this photo turned out.

If you want to view the whole set of 9,  go here to the album on google plus.


Michele said...

These are so beautiful! What a great eye and camera you have! I just saw a video camera that you wear like a wireless head phone (wraps around your ear) that looks like and is as small as a headphone yet...takes video's. I look forward to your video's...but, nothing like catching a precious moment in time!

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks Michele-
I didn't realize how much I had missed my old 35 mm film camera, until I got this digitial slr about 3 weeks ago.

Miccosukee said...

I can easily see an enlargement of at least one gracing the wall of your office. What a way to promote Lucky and her story. With the new digital camera, I hope we see more of your work. I have missed it.



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