The Latest with Jimmy and the Crew

Y'all saw the video early last week where Jimmy seemed to be less nervous and moving around more in his cage.  That was Monday or Tuesday, I think.   Well, Thursday morning, Rosie walked over in front of Jimmy's cage and Jimmy started whining and seemed interested in her.

So that afternoon, when Bert came in from his walk, Jimmy had left an elephant size pile of poop in his cage, and Bert sashayed over to see what was going on. This was the first tail wag we had seen from Jimmy.

So yesterday afternoon, when Bert came in from his walk, I tried to get another video of Jimmy and Bert hanging out together.  Jimmy seems to like Bert the best.  Then Rosie.  Then Daisy and Ginger who are about equal, and they don't give him much thought.   Tried being the keyword here. You see. . .  Bert knew there was a partial bowl of food sitting in the tube. And he is doing everything to get to it-  all under and behind me off camera.  So you can see, and mostly hear, Jimmy barking at Bert acting like a nut.

Bert was rolling in the grass today . . . . .

Bert had new photos taken last Thursday-  in this flickr set. 
Rosie had new photos made yesterday- here in her set.  

And I think that gets you caught back up to date. :) 

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