Latest Photos and New Video of Jimmy

I took new photos and a video of Jimmy today.  He is making progress and seems to relax a little when the leash is hooked to his collar for some reason.  Don't know why.  Perhaps he was tethered in a yard or something.   Over the past few days, I've followed a routine with him.  He likes sitting on the left side of his cage,  then I make him move to  the right, and then sitting in the front of his cage with the door open.  He looks at the floor, and smells in its direction as if he is thinking about getting out.   Yesterday, he got out and remained calm, so we tried again today.   He was a little more reluctant to step out of the cage today, so I had to insist that he try.  

He also ate some canned food while out of the cage, and this was the first time we tried this.   Here is his video below.

 The whole set of photos are here at Flickr.


Vernita Bridges Hoyt said...

You are so good with the animals!

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

It is amazing how much trust you have established in a short period. He has bonded with you. I predict Jimmy will be staying on your ark. BTW remember the beagle named Molly you did in watercolor, she passed onto recently. Her owners now have a beagle mix from TN that was pardoned and given to a group called homeward bound here in NY. A sweet boy named Bailey found a forever home.

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks Vernita. How is Ms. Brooke doing? I haven't heard about her in awhile.

Yay for Bailey, thanks for letting me know about Molly. I came across photos of Molly's painting the other day and wondered about her.


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