This gal is in today for the 2nd part of her heartworm treatment. She's a sweetheart.  But is rather unusual looking.  Part SharPei (obviously) and not sure what else. 

She is on a diet, and has lost about 10 lbs. since August.  Probably 20 lbs. more to go.

Back in 2005, I spayed her and fixed entropions on her eyelids.  She came in again in 2008 and weighed 83 lbs.  She came in this year, and weighed a whopping 95 lbs.  She had heartworms and we put her on a diet, and started her treatment.   If I remember correctly, she originally belonged to the son, or grandson, of her present owners.  He was killed in an automobile accident.  I suspect Queenie has been taking advantage of her owners, to get extra treats and snacks.  

Have a nice and relaxing weekend. 

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