Meet Rocky. Rocky Balboa.

I giggled out loud, just a little,  when I saw his name on the new patient form.  We've seen a few Rocks and Rockies, but never a Rocky Balboa that I can recall.

This was him yesterday- 11/3.  23 lbs.
Here is his video from yesterday.

This was him 3 weeks ago when he first came in.  He has gained about 8 lbs- from 15 lbs. to 23 lbs.  Soon he'll lose his widdle puppy face.  The dogs were barking and howling in the kennel, and he was talking to them, but he wouldn't do it so well when the camera was on.

So what fun filled adventure does everyone have planned this weekend?  I am not sure what I am up to, but I think I'll be glad to see the time change. I have the worst time getting up in the morning when it isn't getting light out until 9:30 am.  


Denise S. said...

Love Rocky Balboa. We are a Pit Bull family for over 60 years.
This little guy is gonna be a big heart breaker.
Also appreciate your posts and videos and pictures

Glassgardenswhatnot said...

He's gonna be big old sweet blockhead when he loses his baby face. Pits are gorgeous!

Tinker said...

Good photo. A winner for the pup!


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