Champ- (cue the musical theme to Rocky here)

Here's Champ.

He's a 6-8 week old pit bull puppy in for his vaccinations today. The photos below are blurry, but notice the bowing of his front feet. Sometimes with puppies, you see one of the bones in their forearm grow a little faster than the other, they are two bones there remember. One sometimes will grow a little faster causing some bowing of their foot. Usually they grow out of it and it straightens up. Unless there is some type of injury to the growth plate.

Last time, a Poltergeist got in my post and emailed out like 5 versions of the post. Not sure why, but in case it had something to do with that video, I am embedding this one from youtube. Here's Champ having a little treat.


Art with Liz said...

Your Carperneum Church is really great Andy and Champ is just the cutest thing on four legs!! Give him a cuddle from me.

MilkaWay said...

What a cute pup! I know an American Bulldog that looked like this as a pup and I thought uh-oh but he totally grew out of it.

Ren said...

He's got so much personality! Rocky, indeed.


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