Mabel- Absolutely No Idea. Heinz 57?

This is Mabel. We have no idea how old she is, as she was found wandering on a lonesome dirt road last night.

We also have no IDER about what breed or breeds she might be mixed from/with. Chihuahua? Her face looks a little like King Charles Spaniel. Her fur reminds me of a Corgi.

She weighs about 5 lbs. She probably is somewhere between 6-12 weeks old. Feet don't seem to be very large. She has sort of curly fur on her back as you can see from the photo.

She might be up for adoption. The couple that found her aren't sure if they are keeping here, assuming she got dumped. Or if they will try to find her a home, or put her up for adoption. Her bark is more chihuahua than beagle. She has a bit of a cherry eye on the left side. That is common in some breeds such as beagles. If the cherry eye doesn't correct itself, it's a simple fix with a laser by lasering off the excessive tissue.


One Heart said...

Oh my gosh, soooooooo cute! And I'm not a "dog person".

I hope she has a home soon.

vic said...

Why would you fix the bark and how would you do it?

Andy Mathis said...

whaaa? lol, oops.

I had that confused, and now the sentences are in the correct order. Duh.

It wasn't the bark that needs fixing, it's the cherry eye. :)

Thanks for asking and pointing that out, I'm sure others thought the same thing.


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