Latte- A Portrait of a Siamese, Calico Cat

Karen Weidert, an online artist friend of mine, volunteers at Clowder House Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri. It's a Cat House. Seriously.

It's where homeless cats can live while they search for their forever home.

Karen posted some photos on her Facebook page, and I was blown away by a photo of a little Siamese- Calico Mix (?) cat named Latte. And I just had to paint her. Here's a link to her Photo Album. Apparently Ms. Latte is quite the camera hog- if you notice, about half the photos are of her.

I painted Latte's portrait last evening. It's a small painting, 5 x 7 inches. Varnished Watercolor on Yupo.

Here's a detail view of her face.

As far as I know, Latte is still looking for her forever home if you happen to know anyone who in interested.

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