A little Pit Bull Nugget

Y'all remember Pac from last February. Short for TuPac.
You first saw him here in this post.

Well, Mr. Pac is now a Daddy. That's right.    Meet Pete Pac Jr. 

 6 weeks old. He came in yesterday, to get checked out. He's really anemic, probably worms from his mom. 7 litter mates have died and he's the only 1 remaining. (and before you say or think anything, Pac owner doesn't own the Mom- he rescued this little guy when the others started fading away, and has been bottle feeding him, thinking that might have been a contributing factor)

He should be okay if we can get rid of the worms and his blood levels rise back to normal. See how pale his gums are.

Isn't  he cute?  You just want to squeeze him.


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Andy Mathis said...

3/18/10- We got a call from Pete's owner this morning with bad news. Unfortunately, Pete didn't make it. He passed away yesterday, or last night, he didn't say exactly when.

RIP little guy.

I was rooting for you to make it.


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