Happy Easter- Party Servers Arrived.

Hello Everyone-

Have a safe weekend if you happen to be traveling.  I am headed down to my parents for the annual Mathis Family Egg Hunt tomorrow.   It's a rather bid deal with my family, always has been, since I can remember.  When I was little it was always Sunday afternoon at my Grandparents house. Once my Grandmother passed away, it got moved to Saturday. It's a little easier that way since everyone has other obligations on Sunday.

I was surprised that the trays below arrived this afternoon.  You might have seen the discussion on facebook earlier in the week.  They are Party Servers.  They have a glass cutting board insert that can be removed and/or used separately.  It looks rather pretty sitting on one of those plate easels.

I ordered these with the cat painting, Can We Play Now, Please?, since that image gets requested a lot.  I might do a floral one next.

The cutting board is 8 inches square. Overall the serving tray is about 10 x 19 inches.  About 3/4 of an inch thick.  They are really nice- even I was a little surprised.

I have set up a coupon code at ArtFire that is good for 14 days.  They will retail for about $36 normally.  The coupon code saves  you  $8, bringing them down to $28.
(The cutting boards, by themselves, retail for around $20, so that's like getting the serving tray for just a little more).   

The coupon code is "partyserver".  It is one per person but feel free to share/ email the info around. I only have 10 of these.   Here's the listing at ArtFire.

 Have a nice weekend,


Art with Liz said...

Hope you have a great Easter Egg Hunting weekend Any and love your cat! Beautiful flowing watercolour.

Nancy Griffin said...

We are new Andy Mathis fans. My husband and I were visiting Atlanta over Easter weekend and when walking up stairs out of a MARTA station, were stopped dead in our tracks at a window display of Andy's artwork -- cats, dogs, flowers and fruit. What talent! If a gallery address had been listed, we would have bee-lined to it. Instead, there was a web address. Which brought me here.

What beautiful work you do. We will be following you from here on out. Thanks for brightening our world.

Nancy and Ed
Raleigh, NC

Andy Mathis said...

Hi Nancy and Ed-

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It's truly nice to hear that people appreciate my artwork. I sometimes go through dry spells where I am not painting much at all, and it's very motivating to put paint to paper, after hearing feedback and reading comments.


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