Happy Friday Everyone

It's a good thing Leon has connections.  And connections with access to anesthetic drugs, at that.

It has been 2 weeks today since Leon had his surgery.   To remove Herman.  I intentionally left his sutures in for 2 weeks.  Often times with young dogs and cats, sutures can come out in 7 days.  But I left Leon's in for 14 days.

And everything was perfect when they were removed. Well, for about 15 minutes.  And then this happened.   I'll link it, rather than post it, in case wound photos make anyone squeamish.
If you enjoyed biology class, this photo isn't a big deal.  Looks sort of like chicken. ;)

Here's what it looked like after I anesthetized him again, and sutured it closed.  About the same as 2 weeks ago.

So, these are staying in for at LEAST 2 weeks, and I might remove only 1 per day at that time.

In better news, Beethoven, an 8 week old Saint Bernard puppy, came in this afternoon for his puppy vaccination.  Well,  a vaccination, a tummy rub,  a treat, and a nap. 

 Enjoy your weekend.


Rebecca said...

Owie, Owie, Owie!!! I am glad Leon has connections, that just looks like it could have ended badly for him!

And how cute is that St. Bernard?

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Yuk! I don't mind biology stuff, but I adore cats and this was not a pleasant ending for Leon.

Erica Lea said...

Owweee! Poor Leon:-( Hope it does better the next time. I love little Beethoven, despite the unoriginal name, lol! He looks just like a sculpture done by my mom (named Hugo). I'll have to show her this.

Secret Leaves said...

Poor Leon. : (

I love your blog, by the way. I'm a big animal lover. I can tell that you are as well. Good thing, since you're a vet! : )


littleblackdog said...

Hi Andy,
Your blog is awesome. I know I'll be a frequent visitor. I have two cats and a dog and love them so much! Your passion for animals really comes through.


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