Tweeting to Find Maggie a Home, Help and You Win Too

How many people are using Twitter?   Twote, twit, tweeting- whatever.

I know some graphic designers who work from home and they really like Twitter.   It's almost a conversational tool for them throughout the day.  They carry on little conversations with the people they are following. 

I am not as big of a fan of Twitter, since I don't have the page open that often, and I feel like I miss a lot. Probably not, but I don't go back to see what people posted over the past few hours.  So whatever it was- I missed it.    TweetDeck does help since I can see Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

So I want to see if it possible to use the power of Twitter to help fing Maggie a home.   You remember her.

She's the Walker Hound Mix that I posted about a few weeks ago.  Here's her original post. There is a link to more photos there along with a short video.

Her foster Mom isn't having much luck in trying to place her on her own.  And if you are wondering, her foster home has 3 other dogs and 5 cats.  All strays or rescues, so they are about up to their limit.  They are like the Inn at Bethlehem- no more room.  That's why they need to find a home for Maggie.  Not just a home, but preferaby a good home.  Also all the people who wander into my office already have a dog. Or dogs as the case may be.  I did place Maggie's  photos and video on Petfinder. 

But I want to see if I can get the word out and find her a home on Twitter.  Since I can track the re-tweets and give away a prize for your help.    Not a new car or a  5 day Carribean Cruise or anything like that.   But what about $40 worth of merchandise? All you have to do is retweet the message.  Your prize could be one of the new handbags, a totebag, the party servers, metal clutches, pocket mirrors, cufflinks, etc.  That  sounds worthwhile for a little bit of effort and typing RT in front of the message.

Here's the deal- 

1. Follow me on Twitter.

2. Retweet the message about Maggie.  You can retweet it as many times as you like.  As soon, as I hear from the foster home, that Maggie has a home, the last person to retweet the message, wins the prize.  That should be easy enough.   It might take a few days to spread the word, I am not sure.

3. I then post a note here on my blog, and on Twitter, that the gig is up.   I contact you through email, and you feel like you've won the Fabulous Showcase Showdown on the Price Is Right. Well, maybe not exactly, but close.  And you feel better knowing you helped a girl dog out by not having to go to the pound.

And if you are wondering why Twitter, rather than facebook, or email, Twitter is they only way I know to track who sent out the last message, by searching for the hash tag. 

Any questions?  If so, leave them in the comments, or drop me an email.
Thanks in advance for your help.   Have a nice weekend,


tricia said...

I am keeping my fingers crossed for Maggie! I hope she gets a home soon! She is awesome! I am particularly fond of hound breeds, since i have a basset/beagle myself!

Good Luck!! I retweeted!

bluedogrose said...

Maggie's lovely, hope she finds a home soon. I would have retweeted without the chance to win anything :)
I have four rescued dogs myslf.

Francy said...

gotta love that face! My Maggie is rescue also. She is 1/2 silky and 1/2 beagle. lol she looks like the silky with voice of a beagle.

Hope your Maggie finds a good human to love her as much as we love our rescues: Maggie, BaiLea, Tiger Lily, Jennifer Jo, Cali, Cooper & Carter....yes our Inn is full also.

Ren said...

Love all the new goodies--and I hope Maggie finds a Home. I am sure she will.

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................


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