Maggie - Another Stray Looking for A Home

Y'all remember Stormy, right?   The little Beagle that wandered up in the storm, hence his name, that was looking for a home a few weeks ago.   Well, he found one.

Now, that same family is looking for a home for this new stray that showed up.  Maggie.

She's about a year and a half guesstimating from her teeth.  She was really wormy and has put on some weight and is looking a little better since these photos and video were taken.  I would call her medium size, maybe a tall medium, :-) - she weighs between 40-45 lbs. Hound Dog, Walker Hound, Mix or something or other.  We don't think she has been spayed.   She seems like a sweet dog, and gets along great with the couple's other dogs and cats.
She is testing slightly positive for heartworms, but that is a relatively easy fix as well. 

If you are interested in adopting her, or know someone who might be, please pass along with post and tell them to contact me.  I did post her on as well, so maybe she will find a forever home.

There is a whole photo album of her at this link.


Art with Liz said...

A beautiful face - I do hope Maggie finds her loving home. And a message for Leon - get better soon!!

tricia said...

Wishing Maggie a great foreva home! Will retweet for ya!


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