I cried like a little school girl.

Over a haircut. That's right, a haircut.

Not my hair, mind you. Who cares about that?

It was about Ellie's hair.

You've seen Ellie since she was about a 8 week old ball of fluff as a puppy. An Australian Shepherd. She boarding for a few days, and her owner wanted her to get a summer haircut. Her haircoat is GORGEOUS as my 5 year old Niece would say. The niece says lots of things are gorgeous, but Ellie really is a pretty dog. And sweet. I don't think she's much of a watchdog though. However, she might slow down the burglars though by throwing herself down in front of them for a belly rub.

Here are her before photos and after photos. I also was able to shoot short snippets of video with dying or dead batteries, of both her and Paco, a little long haired chihuahua who came in for his vaccinations during the hour of sadness.

What's going on?
Whaaaaa . . . . . . Is that . . . . . Are YOU crying too after looking at the before photos? Mmmhhmmpp.

Here are her After Photos.

I admit she doesn't look too naked. She's probably cooler. Will be less shedding around the house, which I think exacerbates someone's allergies. Easier to find a tick on her from out in the yard. Etc.

It should be all grown out by October. Just in time for Family Christmas Card Photos. :)

Here's the Video of Paco and Her.

Ellie and PAco from Andy Mathis on Vimeo.

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Art with Liz said...

I would cry too, Andy, losing all that beautiful hair! And I hope Leon is doing well.


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