And then there were 4. . . .

Well, I'll be.

Looks like Rudy

has found a home through Petfinder. She left a few minutes ago for the weekend, and a trial sleep over. Fingers crossed everyone.

in other exciting news . . . . meet Bridget.

Bridg is an 8-10 week old puppy, pit bull or pit bull mix, that was found yesterday afternoon, next to the highway is some wet (swampy?) area below a road, without much sign how she got there, according to the person who brought her in.

She could not walk on either her right front leg or right rear leg. Her front leg was swollen around her elbow, with crepitus palpable, so it's fractured. Hopefully the back one is just strained.

So today, we took radiographs of both legs, and put the front one in a spica splint for a few weeks. She's excited that it's as big as she is. She's gonna rock it though, so she says. It needs a little bedazzling and it would be perfect.


Anonymous said...

Bridg is just adorable. I hope she heals soon.

jeweledrabbit said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for Rudy.

Bridget looks like a real sweetheart. :o)

Anonymous said...

Great news on Rudy and Bridget is adorable. Her eyes remind me of a Lab. They have the most heartbreaking and intense eyes of all breeds.
Maybe a pit bull/lab mix?
Great work, Andy! As always

sherry said...

She's so sweet. Let us know how she's coming along.

jodie nicholson said...

I want Bridget. Ship her over, please.
And definitely bedazzle that cast!


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