Smokey, Bob and Marilyn

Remember Cujo? Here in Sept and a few weeks ago. He has a little brother. Meet Smokey. Smokey was in for his puppy vaccination, day before yesterday.

And here's Little Bob and Little Marilyn.

They were 2 little strays found on a farm yesterday, by a former client, who happened to be in town for the holidays. Since they were found on Bob and Marilyn's farm, I am calling them Little Bob and Little Marilyn. So the former client, the daughter in law, thought it was just better, and more peaceful, for everyone to not have the puppies at the house for the holidays, if you know what I mean.

So they are boarding here till tomorrow. She may take them back home with her to Savannah, to either try and find them a home, or get them to an animal rescue.

Lil' Bob, the white one, is very timid, and is plastered up against the wall as if he's choking or something, but he's not. Marilyn, the brown one is a little more outgoing.
And both are more relaxed today. They are flea free, vaccinated, with full bellies, so what's not to love about hanging out here at Club Pet for the holiday.

This was taken last night and Marilyn kept wanting to lay on top of Bob, for some reason.


jeweledrabbit said...

Love the paws on Bob and Marilyn. LOL

beholdthebeauty said...

Adorable, look so makes me so sad that there are so many abandoned pets around-our fourth rescue, Bella, a beautiful bull headed golden girl about 12-13 years old according to our vet, was ONE day from being euthanized at the City pond. I wish we could fit these puppies in our home, too

ladydogdabo said...
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ladydogdabo said...

Dr. Andy,

You will be happy to know that both pups are well...Lil Marilyn (aka Bella now) was adopted by a friend yesterday, shortly after I sent out a mass local e-mail. Lil Bob (go figure) was very noisy last night but is doing well. They have both gained weight & are very happy. Will keep you posted on his fate, but you know he'll be fine.

Thank you for helping out so last minute. You took great care of them & Elberton is so lucky to have you! We wish you were in Savannah...You are awesome!

Take Care,The Whitlows


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