I'm featured on Handmade Fuzion blog.

My print, Can We Play Now, Please?, is featured as a daily pick over at Handmade Fuzion. today.



SudsMuffin said...

Congrats on the feature! That painting is just sweet.

Alorinna said...

Congrats Andy!!

Diane Morgan said...

Congrats, andy...that's great!

K Joann Russell said...

Congratulations, Andy. Your watercolors are beautiful. I noticed them when I was listing on Handmade Fuzion.

Today I tagged you on my blog. With your vet practice and the small craft items, please don't feel obliged to take another chunk of your time to tag.

Happy Thanksgiving!

K Joann Russell

jodie nicholson said...

I'd ask for your autograph but I already have it.
Well done on being featured. Ace!


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