Are you playing Christmas Music Yet?

Last week was sort of slow, I guess everyone was out voting, so I've been playing with the button machine. Putting some small gift things together for an upcoming holiday market.

In the past, I have sublimated ceramic coasters, and porcelain ornaments. And I really like how they look. I wanted something that was less likely to be damaged if someone drops the item.

Lightweight, less fragile, very kid or pet friendly, and fully functional.

So I made a set of cat coasters.

the back is covered with cork to protect your furniture.

Then I made a set of Fruit Coasters.

Then I came across this painting from years ago. White Poinsettia.

So I made it into an oranament design.

It is actually a tricked out pocket mirror. The ribbon is inserted during assembly. The back is real mirror, so it will break, but it's wrapped in a tin shell, so it's a little bit protected. The mirror will bounce light around your tree, and bling it up a bit, don't ya think?

They are handsigned and dated.

I have a few more paintings that might work for these. I'll add these to the store in a few days.


Anonymous said...

Man! My wife would love this stuff.
You hand painted every one?
A very lucrative talent.

When you get the time, please check out my blg.
I have some very interesting Christmas Music.

Thanks a trillion,

Alice Thompson said...

These are super crafty Andy. Also,
I tagged you- I understand if you have no time, I'll still love ya!


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