I don't need 5 cats, Peoples.

Yep, I have 5 cats. and I only wanted maybe 2.

First, there was Leon.

then came Maybelline.

then Sunshine was left on the doorstep.

don't forget about TarBaby-

and remember Rudy?

who was here before TarBaby?

I thought I had found Rudy a permanent home, but that became only temporary when the person abruptly brought her back this week. I don't think it was any fault of Rudy though. She a quiet and sweet cat.

When I asked the lady, about someone else taking Rudy, she said that she hated to send her to the pound where they put them to sleep. Which is ironic in a way, because here, everyone that walks through my door, already has a pet. They aren't looking for more, like someone who might be walking into the pound facility. The cat might have a little better chance of trying to find a home there.

With limited boarding facilities, half of the cat cages are taken, so paying clients and patients have no place to stay for the holidays. Yay!!

So I am making a one last effort to find TarBaby and Rudy a home.

So I have put them on TarBaby is there, and I think Rudy's information is still processing.


foxaz said...

Cats have a habit of collecting up around my house too. I'm not a vet, though, just a person. First we had Bitty, who had 5 part siamese kittens. She got spayed, and we kept a goofy boy kitten and had him neutered. Bitty ran off and when we moved, we had just one well-behaved cat. Then some drug addicts a couple of streets over went to prison and left their 2 cats- and they moved in. Snooper and Whiskers. Got them spayed & neutered. Whiskers is a holy terror and wound up in someone's haveaheart & taken to the pound, where I tracked him down, and for $40 sprung him.Now we keep them all indoors and spend a lot of time with cleaning litter boxes.
Then our neighbor fied and her cat moved in. She's spayed and semi-feral, but loves the regular meals.
So we have 4. A happy little family.
Good luck finding homes for your two extras.

Anonymous said...

I am crossing my fingers for Rudy.

Tarbaby's story made me so sad. I hope you can find her a home soon. I am so happy that you saved her. She is beautiful.


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