More Holiday Ornaments, even a Pink One ;)

So I spent time over the weekend, designing, and trying to photograph the other holiday ornaments. They are hard to photograph because of the mylar covering the image. I even made a few without the mylar just to photograph.

Last year, I made a dog one, a cat one, and a poinsettia one. Those were on porcelain.
This year, I am going a little more traditional, and these are made from pocket mirrors.

One features a painting of Christmas ornaments. Another is from a painting of a lily and candlesticks. The third one you've seen- the white poinsettia.

Holiday Lace- the original is egg tempera on paper.

I tried cropping the image into a round shape, but there is some pretty detail near the edge that was cut off. So I left it rectangular in shape. This gives a place to place the title and sign the ornament.

The background looks blue on my monitor, but it really is a dark green, in real life.

Light, Lace, and a Lily.
Here's the original watercolor on paper.

and this one did get cropped into a round shape.

Signed and dated on the edge, similar to the white poinsettia one.

The last one is pink. and it's exclusive to an online site. I was asked to design a product for Lollishops is what it might sound like- pink, lacey, girley, frou-frou. And this is what I came up with- from a still life painting of roses.

Lollishops opens, btw, on Friday the 28th. Here's the link.

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The Modern Mama said...

I don't usually like pink, but it turned out really pretty...


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