Chloe and My Blooper Reel

First, here's Chloe. She about an 7-8 week old Boxer puppy that came in for her puppy shot yesterday. She's not the healthiest looking little puppy. Her owner has had her for about a week. She's wormey, had lots of fleas on her.

She just isn't doing normal puppy things. Not wanting to eat very well. If is just the worms and fleas, she would be doing better, but that might take a few days.

I am sort of worried that she is coming down with Parvo or something like that. I did vaccinate her yesterday. So we'll see. Her stool is a little loose, but not bloody. yet. If she isn't better by tomorrow, she's going to have to hang with me here at the hospital.

My Blooper Reel of Outakes

As promised, and before I chicken out, here's the link to my blooper reel of outtakes with Tank from my Jerry's video. If you still haven't seen the finished video, there is a link in the sidebar at youtube.

It mostly me stammering over one word after another. Trying to remember to talk, think, wonder what Tank is doing, think some more, remember to look at the camera, wonder what Tank is licking, wishing I had hit the record button, etc.

One section was too dark, it looked okay on the monitor until it was played back. Some segments used the microphone on the camera. I don't have a wireless microphone. Yet. So I tried to use a wired microphone that would reach a few feet. Well it was closer to Tank than me, so all you hear in parts is Tank panting into the microphone, located just out of the shot, haha.

I wonder if Spielberg needs an assistant. . . . cuz I got mad recordingz skillz.

Here's the Link to the Blooper Reel. Enjoy.
And remember to watch the real video in the sidebar. ;)


Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Andy - your out take video is a beauty. I think I was more intrigued with watching Tank who was probably thinking he could have done that intro faster and better than you.

Andy Mathis said...

Thanks. I agree. Probably after the 5th time, Tank was thinking, "Let Me Do It. Can I try?"

I probably should update this as well. I am sad to say the Chloe passed away yesterday afternoon. Her owner brought her back in yesterday morning. She was going downhill fast.
I worked with her for a few hours trying to stablize her, but her little body finally gave out.

I am almost certain that it was parvo virus.


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