Dakota- Great Pyrenes Puppy

This is Dakota. She came in late Friday afternoon for a booster shot. She was given away at a convenience store. She appears to be about 5 months old according to her teeth. Her adult canines are just starting to come in.

The family that had her, lives above the gas station/ convenience store. Not sure what happened but they didn't want her anymore, or couldn't keep her, something- so a customer took her home with them.

She weighs about 47 lbs. She'll slow down on the growing soon.

She's a bit timid and quiet, but the person had just gotten her, so she's still adjusting.


Erica Lea said...

She's so cute and beautiful! Is she all Great Pyrenees? If so, she has a ways to go before she's full-size... I imagine she was too much for an apartment, and hope her new home is her forever one:-)

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Very cute. Most of your stories have a happy ending!


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