A Work in Progress- Pink Roof of a Church

It has been forever since I posted a work in progress. It has been forever since I painted on regular watercolor paper. It has been forever since I painted an architectural subject.

Let's combine all 3 for maximum pressure, shall we? HaHa.

Here's the story behind this painting . . . .
One of the artists forums, that I used to pop in more frequently than now, is The Watercolor Forum.

Over time, you meet other members, and recognize their avatars. Some you might now better than others, some you might know in real life.

Olga Moore was one member. She and her family lived in the Netherlands. I remember Olga as being very helpful when people had a problem with a painting, quick to encourage people with their paintings, and shared her reference photos with everyone else through the Reference Image Library. Great photos- many from her travels all over.

The forum recently learned that Olga had passed away last summer after a rather lengthy illness. The illness had kept her away from painting and the wetcanvas forum for some time prior to her passing.

In a thread of condolences, I had an idea to remember this special lady. She left behind almost 850 photos in the reference image library. I suggested people paint one of her photos and share them in a thread in her memory. WetCanvas agreed- with a date of completion by the end of March. Here's the thread, with a link to her photos.
Some people have already posted photos, but do bookmark it and check back at the end of March to see all the images.

It was tough to choose just one. They are that good. But I decided to pick this church in Greece, I think, it might be somewhere else, I need to look up the name.

So last night I started on this little painting, just laying in the first glazes of color. It's a small painting, just a hair over 5 x 7 inches. I changed a few things. I wanted a vertical format. So I cropped the image, and moved a dome. Because I can.

I wanted to incorporate that bougainvillea. (Try to spell that without looking it up!) But on the other side of the wall. . . maybe. I'll probably add or change a few more things as time goes along. But here is where everything is at this point.

Stay Tuned!


Erica Lea said...

What a wonderful tribute! I love WetCanvas, though I haven't participated there in a while. I enjoy just visiting and looking at other artist's works. It inspires me:-) I look forward to watching you finish this, and will keep an eye on that thread, too - very moving.

Art with Liz said...

What a wonderful thing to do Andy - and this Pink Painting is certainly looking really good. I loved your eulogy to Barney


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