Jerry's Artarama- My ArtStars Entry

My friend Stella from California sent me a link on Jerry's Artarama website back in October. It was for a video contest they were having. Stella knows that I bought a video camera back in 2008 as I wanted to try recording a painting, and put it in a time lapse video. Mainly as a promotional tool . At the time, I also thought it might be fun to record a painting and put together a kit on dvd. Include the line drawing, a grey scale image, so people could follow along on dvd.

Well, I never got around to getting very far with that. I paint flat, so I can't point the camera at an easel. You oil and acrylic painters have it so much easier. :) I have to figure out how to suspend the camera over my painting table. And that involves wire closet shelving, a gorillapod to hold the camera, and 2 light stands to support the wire shelving. But I got it.

So back to the Jerry's thing.
photo from Jerry's Artarama website.

Two things popped in my mind when Stella showed me the link.

The first one was that I need to drop about 20 lbs. BEFORE filming anything on camera. *sigh* And if the camera adds 10 lbs. then I need to drop 30 lbs. to look like I lost 20 . . . *heavier sigh* . So I started eating a little healthier, a little more green food than brown (a salad once a week wasn't considered all the necessary vegetables for that week), and lost about 10 lbs.
Then came the holidays and gained back about 4. Damn pumpkin pie.
The deadline was the end of December. Who put the deadline during my holiday weight gain?

The 2nd problem was my going to be my "slight" Southern accent. It's as thick as Molasses and sometimes even thicker than that. Oh, what a blessing it would be to have a suave British accent at this time. Why couldn't my parents have moved to England during my formative years? We could have moved back by 3rd grade and I probably would have kept it. haha. But. . . NO . . . .

The requirements for the video were as follows.
1. It had to show an art technique. So I choose to demonstrate how I mount and varnish watercolor paintings. It's a question or email that I get asked a lot.
2. It had to talk about your painting background.
3. It had to show examples of my artwork.
4. And it had to be under 8 minutes long.

I heard last week that my video made it into the final round. It's up on youtube for 90 days starting today. So, enjoy. While it makes me cringe to watch and listen to it, I did enjoy putting it together.

If that Southern drawl makes your ears bleed, or
If you consider taking up knitting before I can finish a sentence, or
you wonder how does anyone insert 5 extra syllables into a 2 syllable word, or
you wonder if closed captioning is available for your monitor, so you can understand what the hell is being said, I apologize in advance.

You can blame my parents too. :)

My Video Entry on Jerry's Artarama channel at Youtube.


Anonymous said...

Awesome video, Andy - you are so talented! Just went to an exhibit on Leonardo da Vinci - spent a lot of time learning about the varnish on the Mona Lisa and how its aging has affected the true colors of the painting - I never knew there was so much to painting. I am familiar with Jerry's - have ordered from there a time or two - only colored pencils though - I still like to color for stress relief. My neighbor draws and he turned me on to their website. Thanks for sharing and good luck with the contest.

Preserve Jewelry Studio said...

Andy, very fun to watch you at work and play. Nice job on the video.

Maureen A. Girard said...

You are far too modest Andy. :) It was very well done!

vic said...

Oh, Andy, the video is really good. I loved the music that you used and the animal shots were a wonderful addition. I love your accent---it reminds me of home. It's so boring when everyone sounds the same!

And the information is very useful to know as well. I'm going to try that yupo stuff one of these days.

Good luck on the contest.


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